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BridgingApps.org has written a review of Tommy's House: "Tommy’s house is an engaging educational app that was developed for children aged 3-6. From the moment the app is opened, the user has control over where to go and what to do as he or she explores various rooms in Tommy’s house. Each room is full of interactive fun.
We trialed the app with special needs children aged 3-5 with autism and developmental delays. The children would get very excited as they discovered new rooms and activities to do in each room. The everyday items available to interact with provide children with an opportunity to learn adaptive and daily living skills (i.e., eating fruit, brushing teeth).

One unexpected bonus to the game is the opportunity it provides to model and enrich language. Adults are able to describe what’s happening while the child plays. We found that one student who normally speaks little was using words and sentences as he played.

The self-paced game has no time count or winning/losing situations, so that users can play freely and comfortably with no stress while shaping their own adventures.

Tommy's House has a touch-based and intuitive interface where learners can play without parents support, exploring and discovering new items and situations in every room of the house. The app was designed for an international kids audience - which means minimal text.

This app is recommended for all users and users diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, developmentally delayed, intellectual disorder, learning disability, and speech and language disorder."

2016-11-09 • 5 Stars - BridgingApps.org ->

AppsZoom.com has written a review of Tommy's Farm: "Sometimes, a game focuses on winning and losing and not on enjoying the experience by itself. This is a perfect game for children, as there's no timing nor winners or losers.
Tommy's Farm is a casual game set in a farm where your goal is to help Tommy with his tasks, accomplishing all the objectives and having a great time interacting with all the animals and crops. Follow the instructions and use your fingers to slide, tap or press the screen, whatever it's necessary in every case.

The best feature about Tommy's Farm are its graphics, which are excellent, with a perfect design and extremely appropriate for children. We have no complaints other than being short... what about new tasks?

Klee GS is the developer of Tommy's Farm, a complete children's game with 12 mini-games and a great interface which is rather intuitive and perfect for its audience."

2014-01-29 • 7.2 Very Good -AppsZoom.com ->

InfantApps.com.br has written a review of Tommy's Farm: "Pegar o leite da vaca, colocar os milhos e as cenouras no trator, dar um banho no porquinho são umas das 12 atividades que você vai encontrar em Tommy’s farm.

A criança tem a opção de escolher umas das atividades ou jogá-las aleatoriamente. Um dos mini-jogos meus favoritos é o de tosar a ovelha, que depois que estiver pelada, fica tremendo de frio.

O aplicativo em geral é bem fácil e criado para as crianças pequenas. Os animais das fazendas fazem o som e também alguma animação quando a atividade e completa"

2014-02-12 • InfantApps.com.br ->

AppSubway.com has written a review of Tommy's Farm: "Tommy's Farm is a wonderful, simple and fun app for toddlers and small kids. It has 12 interactive games and puzzles. They are all about farm life, feeding and washing animals and gathering food. The kid helps Tommy in the farm with all the fun stuff like milking a cow, washing a pig, gathering carrots and arranging farm tools. The app has no adds or external links of any kind. It is child led with no win/lose situations, no time limits and no rules. The app has funny sounds, lovely animation and cute animals. It is great for little kids and has no pressure or frustrating elements for the kid like winning or losing.

My kid had fun and it was really interesting for him to do some of the stuff. He liked the sounds and he kept repeating some of the activities over and over again. Also he got to chose which one to do, in what order to do them and how many times. I like that it is stress free and he didn’t get angry at some point for not completing a task, like in some other apps. It was really easy for him to control the app and he figured it out instantly. The animal puzzles were good for him to concentrate on.

I liked the app and I recommend it. I give it 4 stars."

2014-02-24 • AppSubway.com ->

The Gamer with Kids has written a review of Tommy's Farm: "My almost 3 year old is an active iPad user. Every day she’s on it and I can honestly say that it is helping her development. She isn’t even in school yet and she’s already learned her colors, can recognize many of her letters and numbers, and can recognize what many different objects are. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for new children’s apps for her to play. One new app I found recently is Tommy’ Farm by Sebastian Kehoe. This is a simple app that teaches kids what it’s like to be on a farm. Be a farmer for a day and help Tommy with his daily chores around the farm.

This is a very simple, good looking game. The art in the game is very well drawn and very colorful. The animals have a very fun look to them being cartoonish representations of real animals. Audio in the game is good as well with realistic sound effects and a small cheer after each completed activity. Children love to be told they did well on an activity and the cheer is a good touch.

The activities in the game are simple and perfect for young children. They range from dragging vegetables into your tractor, milking a cow, collecting fur off a sheep, and there are even some simple puzzles to complete. The activities are simple enough for young children to play with 12 different activities to do. Each one allows them to play at their own pace so there’s no feeling of being rushed or feeling of disappointment if they can’t finish on time.

Overall, Tommy’s Farm is a fun, educational game for young children that will give them a small taste of what life on the farm is like. The app has very good art and animations and I think most young children should have a good time playing it."

2014-02-25 •  

RayWenderlich.com has written a review of Tommy's Farm: "Tommy's Farm is a simple app for kids that lets them interact with a farm on their iPads.

Its got some very cute illustrations and animations along with its various activities from puzzles to harvesting corn.

I let my nephew have a go at it and he loved interacting with the animals like feeding the horse or washing the pig.

No ads or in app purchases keep the game safe for your little kiddos."